10 Effective Uses Of Twitter Social Network Lists

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Are you a list maker?  Twitter allows you to make up to 1,000 lists and each list can include up to 5,000 users.



You can create a list for an event, people you recently connected with via a hashtag, food, business or any event.  With the 1,000 list limit, the sky is the limit!  We have always been a huge supporter of Twitter lists.   Twitter lists are a great way to connect with people online.


Here are 10 effective ways to use Twitter Lists:

  1. Create a Twitter list of users you connect with on the daily basis as an easy reference point when you log on to Twitter.
  2. Create a Twitter list with blogs and publications you read on the daily basis.
  3. Create a Twitter list of influential users you follow on Twitter.  This is a great way to check out your feed throughout the week for thought leader tips.
  4. Create a Twitter list to connect with brands and people before, during or after an event.
  5. Create a Twitter list to organize your contacts.  Make a separate lists for Influencers, Brands, Small Business Companies and corporations you connect with periodically.
  6. Periodically review your Twitter feeds for specific lists created by other Twitter users to add users you want to connect with to your lists.
  7. Create a Conference Twitter list with people attending  a conference.
  8. Create a “new friends” Twitter list with you connected with at a conference.
  9. Twitter Lists are also very useful if you have a large network on Twitter.  Create a list of people you connect with as a reminder to follow up.  Make sure to favorite the Tweet as reference for the follow-up.
  10. Every influencer needs a little humor in the life!  That’s right make a list with user that make you laugh so hard your tummy hurts throughout the day.

Question:  How are you using Twitter’s list feature?  What is your best tip for creating Twitter lists?


Eva Smith

Founder & CEO at The Blogger Society
Eva Smith is an award winning tech entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of The Blogger Society, a network for Influential Content Developers. She has been featured on USA Today, Huff Post, Rollingstones, Mashable, LatinaMom.me & more. She writes about the intersection of Technology, Food and Lifestyle at www.TechFoodLife.com.

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