2017 Blogher Community Advisory Board

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I am part of the 2017 Blogher conference Community Advisory Board!  As a member of the first ever Blogher Community Advisory Board I have been meeting with Blogher organizers to help make the conference the best conference ever!    I was asked to share three words which describe me in the digital space.



Visionary, Persistent and Fearless Leader


I started my visionary venture on digital media when I was in college.   I hopped on to the internet at an early age and searched the bulletin boards and before I knew it I was training collegues to use the internet.   One of my first full-time jobs was working at an innovative search engine web development company which converted data into indexable searchable pretty pages.  Eventually the technology would be used to make Yahoo and alternative search engine and more.  I spent much of time providing feedback to make the technology more user friendly.

My visionary skills transformed me into a career in the digital space as an early adopter and pioneer in digital media as an social media manager and digital influencer.    Over the past decade I have been able to reinvent myself in the digital space as a speaker, trainer, web developer, community manager, social media manager, digital marketing founding partner, startup consultant and entrepreneur.  My goal has always been to make use of the tools and digital space in the most innovative way possible.   Nevertheless, the possibilities in the digital space are endless.



I never give up.  I will keep trying and trying until I find an innovative solution or an allie.  I will get over it, under it or breakthrough it to obtain the goal.  Due to my persistent personality disorder I am full of encouragement for those in tribe and love spreading the knowledge where ever I go.

Fearless Leader

As a fearless leader in the digital space I have taken many calculated risks and have learned many lessons along the way.    One of the most important lessons has been the ability to ignore the critics, look fear in the face and still pursue a project or venture.

Looking forward to seeing you at Blogher!  Buy your Blogher 2017 tickets now. 

Eva Smith

Founder & CEO at The Blogger Society
Eva Smith is an award winning tech entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of The Blogger Society, a network for Influential Content Developers. She has been featured on USA Today, Huff Post, Rollingstones, Mashable, LatinaMom.me & more. She writes about the intersection of Technology, Food and Lifestyle at www.TechFoodLife.com.

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