For Brands

The Blogger Society offers full-service blogger outreach and campaign management services designed to reach general market and multicultural niches through online networks and live events.  With over 1500 bloggers and influencers in our network, our reach extends to major social media platforms, established web publishers and national media outlets.  We deliver high quality, proven strategies that deliver maximum results for your brand.

Services Overview

Twitter Parties
Highlight your brand or campaign in a themed Twitter conversation, hosted by Blogger Society Influencers.  We plan and manage the conversation, injecting key messages, links and promotional opportunities throughout the party.  Twitter parties present a great opportunity to connect with top bloggers and social influencers for a brand event that showcases your product, cause or event.

Live Events & Event Promotion
The Blogger Society helps marketers and brands to promote large and intimate events to top blogers and influencers.  We offer event hosting, planning and promotional services to help you engage your target audience and spread the word about your event and the experiences of your attendees.

Brand Advocate/Ambassador Programs
Continued brand engagement through various platforms and by trusted community influencers can create long-term equity in your brand.  Whether through a series of blog posts or a year-long social media campaign, The Blogger Society can help you to nurture deep and lasting relationships with your target market and make your brand more visible and attractive to consumers who trust blogs and social media for information and reviews when it comes to their favorite brands.

Product Launches
The Blogger Society offers short, high-impact campaigns with intensive amplification and engagement strategies to help you launch your product, website or campaign and build awareness among your target market.  Our network of influencers will help to share your brand’s key messaging, links and other promotional elements and spread the word through social media, blogs and a variety of digital channels.

Marketing Surveys & Focus Groups
Whether you have a product or are getting ready for an upcoming launch, we’re here to help you generate quality, honest feedback from your target consumer.  The Blogger Society can help you to clarify your approach and strategy through targeted surveys, sampling, beta testing and focus groups.

Speaking Engagements & Live Panels
The Blogger Society and network members are available for speaking engagement and live panel discussions.  We provide access to a vetted group of experts, pro bloggers and social media influencers to participate in live discussions and engage audiences as speakers at live events.

Conference Representation
We’ll represent your brand or business at important conferences and social events to help you connect with key influencers and reach your target demographic and showcase your products or services.  Ask us how you can make an impact through strategic representation at events by The Blogger Society.

Sponsored Content
Have your message crafted by social media influencers and top bloggers who regularly reach thousands of readers in your target market.  Sponsored content is created specifically for your brand or promotion and tailored to each audience to provide maximum impact.  Whether it’s for a product review, themed blog post or brand-owned publishing platform, our influencers can help you gain maximum exposure and impact with your target audience.

Shopping Experiences
The Blogger Society can assist brands by highlighting shopping experiences and product reviews through blogging and social media.  Find out how you can feature your brand messaging and shopping experience with influential community members.

Corporate Newsletter, Social Media and Blog Management
The Blogger Society can help you to craft the best possible message to meet your audience through social media, blog and newsletter management.  Let us help you to craft the perfect message for your audience and reach your target demographic in a creative and interesting way.