Blogger Society Giveaway – 2017 Blogher Ticket Giveaway

I have a 2017 Blogher Ticket Giveaway!!   I have attended 3 Blogher conferences in San Diego, Silicon Valley & Los Angeles and each one has had a very special place in my heart.


Blogher 2016 – Los Angeles

Blogher is my favorite digital media conference for women because I am able to reconnect with my friends in the digital space, make new friends, learn from knowledgable  speakers, attend once in the lifetime keynotes and meet my favorite thought leaders, all under one amazing roof.  Thank you Blogher!


Blogher 2014

There was even a year where I have or may not have been a part of a Flashmob which aired on national television news before there were alternative facts.  However, you’ll need to search the internets to confirm whether there is a video of a flashmob or not.


Blogher 2011 – San Diego


Blogher 2011 – San Diego

This year I will be attending #BlogHer17   in Orlando, Florida as a part of the BlogHer Community Advisory Board.  As a Community Advisory Board member I have the privilege to offer an opportunity for a FREE guest ticket to Blogher!   All I can share is that attendees will be in for the best Blogher ever!

Blogher conferences are for vloggers, bloggers, digital content developers, social media super stars, brands, creatives and digital entrepreneurs.  This year will be extra special because Blogher is also adding a food-focused program track and Food Expo! It’s going to be really hard to choose sessions to attend this year.

I look forward to bringing one of our community members to Blogher 2017!  The selected winner will get a FREE Blogher Ticket (Valued at $399).




Thu, Jun 22, 2017, 8:00 AM –Sat, Jun 24, 2017, 10:00 PM EDT


Hilton Orlando, Bonnet Creek

14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane

Orlando, FL 32821


Follow instructions below to enter to win


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2017 Blogher Community Advisory Board

I am part of the 2017 Blogher conference Community Advisory Board!  As a member of the first ever Blogher Community Advisory Board I have been meeting with Blogher organizers to help make the conference the best conference ever!    I was asked to share three words which describe me in the digital space.



Visionary, Persistent and Fearless Leader


I started my visionary venture on digital media when I was in college.   I hopped on to the internet at an early age and searched the bulletin boards and before I knew it I was training collegues to use the internet.   One of my first full-time jobs was working at an innovative search engine web development company which converted data into indexable searchable pretty pages.  Eventually the technology would be used to make Yahoo and alternative search engine and more.  I spent much of time providing feedback to make the technology more user friendly.

My visionary skills transformed me into a career in the digital space as an early adopter and pioneer in digital media as an social media manager and digital influencer.    Over the past decade I have been able to reinvent myself in the digital space as a speaker, trainer, web developer, community manager, social media manager, digital marketing founding partner, startup consultant and entrepreneur.  My goal has always been to make use of the tools and digital space in the most innovative way possible.   Nevertheless, the possibilities in the digital space are endless.



I never give up.  I will keep trying and trying until I find an innovative solution or an allie.  I will get over it, under it or breakthrough it to obtain the goal.  Due to my persistent personality disorder I am full of encouragement for those in tribe and love spreading the knowledge where ever I go.

Fearless Leader

As a fearless leader in the digital space I have taken many calculated risks and have learned many lessons along the way.    One of the most important lessons has been the ability to ignore the critics, look fear in the face and still pursue a project or venture.

Looking forward to seeing you at Blogher!  Buy your Blogher 2017 tickets now. 

5 Tips For Using Periscope

Do you Periscope?  Today we’re sharing 5 tips for using Periscope.   Periscope app lets you share the things you love and stream video to the world LIVE via mobile phone.  In a world where there is a new app launching almost every day it can sometimes be hard to determine whether you should install the app or not.  However, we definitely recommend it.

The coolest feature about the LIVE streaming with Periscope is that it lets you broadcast the content via YOUR eyes, share it immediately and replay it immediately.  You can also use it share exclusive events with your friends, readers and new followers.  You can also use it to connect globally.   It is a great tool for influencers, PR professionals and entrepreneurs.

When the app initially launched you could share the exact location from the global map and pinpoint where live video was being streamed.  For security reasons, Periscope disabled the feature recently and doesn’t allow users to zero in on the exact location.

blogger society periscope

According to Periscope it is the closest thing since teleportation.  Why not launch YOUR blogs Live TV channel with Periscope?  We just did!

Here are 5 Tips For Using Periscope:

1. How Do I install it?

To install app download Periscope at the Apple Store for your iPhone or Google Play for Android Phones.  You need a mobile phone and the app which you can download and installed easily.  You connect to Periscope using your Twitter account.  I recommend you keep the same name as your Twitter account.  If you have multiple Twitter accounts consider connecting all the accounts at the same time.  You can log in to your various accounts by logging off and logging on using your preferred account.


2. How Do I Stream Live Broadcasts?  Can I Make It Private?


At the bottom of your screen you have several icons.  The Live broadcast icon looks like a small square and lets you broadcast stream live.  If you want to broadcast privately to specific people, press the lock icon before going live and choose who you want to invite to your broadcast.

3. How Do I Notify My Followers and Get New Followers?

Connecting With Other Users With Periscope

To get more followers attend broadcasts, share live broadcasts with your Twitter following and create content that is exclusive and visually appealing.  Visually appealing content get more hearts.   The more hearts you get, the higher they flutter on the screen and the higher you are listed on the “Most Loved” list.

When you go live the application will instantly notify your Periscope followers who can join your broadcast, comment and send you hearts in real time during your broadcast.   You can also choose to share your Periscope broadcasts on Twitter by tapping the bird icon before you start broadcasting. When you go live, you’ll tweet a link so that your Twitter followers can watch on the web.

Continue to grow your following by  attending Periscope broadcasts, giving hearts and sending a flutter of hearts when you really like the content.  After the broadcast followup with attendees you want to connect and grow your following.  Let the broadcaster know you like what you are seeing by tapping the screen and sending hearts.

To increase your following click on the people icon periodically and follow the users you want to connect with.  The list is populated based on the users you follow on Twitter.


4. How Do I Connect To Other Live Events?

Periscope Map

When you tap on the “Global” section you can view the broadcasts that are currently running.  The Global section is a little globe at the bottom of the screen.  You can also list the broadcasts as a map or a list for a description of the event and host.

5. Can I Save My Video To Make It Available To Other Viewers?

After the broadcast is over you can make your video available to viewers for up to 24 hours using the REPLAY feature or delete it any time you want.  Replays are instantly available.  Don’t forget to let your friends and family know so they can spread the word.


Question:  Are you on Periscope?  Let us know and we’ll follow you!

Social Media Tips | How To Export Your Photos Before Twitpic shuts down

Twitpic recently announced that it is shutting down its picture sharing social media site effective October 25.  The company is citing Trademark issues as the reason for the shutdown.  Twitpic originally made the announcement in September.  However, after looking for multiple solutions to stay online the company has decided to shutdown.  As an early adopter of Twitter, Twitpic was one of my favorite go to tools for file sharing.  It’s unfortunate that Twitpic will be shutting down soon.

I took a look at my account and it felt like a stroll through memory lane.  All I can say is wow!  Thanks for the memories Twitpic.  You are a true pioneer in the social media space.  Looking forward to your next venture.

Below you will find the letter from the Twitpic Founder and procedures to export your files.  Make sure to export your photos ASAP to ensure you don’t lose them now.





Letter from Twitpic Founder Noah Everet

UPDATE: It’s with a heavy heart that I announce again that Twitpic will be shutting down on October 25th. We worked through a handful of potential acquirers and exhausted all potential options. We were almost certain we had found a new home for Twitpic (hence our previous tweet), but agreeable terms could not be met. Normally we wouldn’t announce something like that prematurely but we were hoping to let our users know as soon as possible that Twitpic was living on.

I’m sincerely sorry (and embarrassed) for the circumstances leading up to this, from our initial shutdown announcement to an acquisition false alarm.

You can export your data and photos at:

Procedures to Export Twitpic Photos

1. Go to
2. Scroll down to Export Your Photos section
3. Click on Request Your Data button


4. Logout and check your account periodically. Your request will be queued and processed. If you have many files, it may take longer to process.  A download link will appear when photos are ready for export.


Introducing Ello, The New Social Network

There is a new social network in town!  Ello, the invite only new social network launched on August 7th 2014 and has grown tremendously.  The simple social network was originally created by a small creative group of  artists and designers as a private network, and is touted as a anti-Facebook social network with no ads.  Just by reading the manifesto were sure this will be alot of interest in this site.



Ello Manifesto

Ello social network look and feel is clean, simple, and doesn’t collect, share or sell your personal information.  You’ll notice when you login that there is no news feed.

According to Ello’s Founders:

Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network.  We originally built Ello as a private social network. Over time, so many people wanted to join Ello that we built a public version of Ello for everyone to use.

Your social network is owned by advertisers.

Every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow is tracked, recorded and converted into data. Advertisers buy your data so they can show you more ads. You are the product that’s bought and sold.

We believe there is a better way. We believe in audacity. We believe in beauty, simplicity and transparency. We believe that the people who make things and the people who use them should be in partnership.

We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate — but a place to connect, create and celebrate life.


Let’s Connect on Ello

I have a couple invites available. If you are on Ello, please follow me at   Still kicking the tires to see if I want to add all my other social channels to the new Social Network.   Please check back next week for a full review.


Question:  Are you on Ello? Do you like Ello, the new social network?  Are you willing to say good-bye to Facebook for Ello? 

10 Effective Uses Of Twitter Social Network Lists

Are you a list maker?  Twitter allows you to make up to 1,000 lists and each list can include up to 5,000 users.



You can create a list for an event, people you recently connected with via a hashtag, food, business or any event.  With the 1,000 list limit, the sky is the limit!  We have always been a huge supporter of Twitter lists.   Twitter lists are a great way to connect with people online.


Here are 10 effective ways to use Twitter Lists:

  1. Create a Twitter list of users you connect with on the daily basis as an easy reference point when you log on to Twitter.
  2. Create a Twitter list with blogs and publications you read on the daily basis.
  3. Create a Twitter list of influential users you follow on Twitter.  This is a great way to check out your feed throughout the week for thought leader tips.
  4. Create a Twitter list to connect with brands and people before, during or after an event.
  5. Create a Twitter list to organize your contacts.  Make a separate lists for Influencers, Brands, Small Business Companies and corporations you connect with periodically.
  6. Periodically review your Twitter feeds for specific lists created by other Twitter users to add users you want to connect with to your lists.
  7. Create a Conference Twitter list with people attending  a conference.
  8. Create a “new friends” Twitter list with you connected with at a conference.
  9. Twitter Lists are also very useful if you have a large network on Twitter.  Create a list of people you connect with as a reminder to follow up.  Make sure to favorite the Tweet as reference for the follow-up.
  10. Every influencer needs a little humor in the life!  That’s right make a list with user that make you laugh so hard your tummy hurts throughout the day.

Question:  How are you using Twitter’s list feature?  What is your best tip for creating Twitter lists?


Twitter Tools To Manage Your Productivity

Are you new to Twitter? Now what. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start being productive. Work smarter & not harder.



Here are 3 tools to make you productive and free your time so you can dedicate your time to your business & family:


Hootsuite is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more. Hootsuite shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organized and up to date. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, you can manage all your Twitter accounts easily, with no need to switch between accounts.  Search for Tweets by “keyword”. The possibilities are endless. Cost: FREE.  If you have more than three accounts to manage or need to delegate privileges to tweet on your behalf, we recommend a subscription.


Tweetdeck is owned by Twitter and provides several options to organize and build collections, track lists and searches.  You can also search by hashtag and save your searches for future use.  The tool provides a lot of functionality similar to Hootsuite.

As a rule of thumb, it’s always a great idea to have a secondary Twitter Management tool.  We recommend Tweetdeck as your primary or secondary Twitter management tool.  Test Hootsuite and Tweetdeck out and select one as your primary tool.   Organize the columns and search options on your tools to ensure you can login to either tool in the event of an outage or maintenance with your favorite tool.


Having a hard time growing your following?  Consider using the ManageFlitter tool to see what users are engaging with you. This tool allows you to manage new followers, identify users who are not active online and people you are following.  At a glance, you can check who you follow and unfollow those that unfollow you or don’t follow you back.  We recommend that you use the tool on the weekly basis and add these members to list to connect with them in the future.  However, if you are currently following more people than are following you back, you need to use this feature to clean out your twitter account and connect with users that you are interested in or are engaged in your conversation.

As soon as you pass 2,000 twitter users following you, you can implement the feature that works best for you. Sweet!  Cost: FREE

Happy Tweeting!


Question: Do you have any other Twitter tools to share that improve your productivity?  What is your favorite Twitter productivity tool?