2016 Conferences – I’m Speaking At BlogHer 2016

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BlogHer 2016 is coming to Los Angeles, CA on August 4-6, 2016 and I’m excited to be a part of it.   This will be my third BlogHer and my second time speaking at BlogHer.


I'm Speaking at #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles!


I’m looking forward to leading an open Business Development lab to help Influencers, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs with the marketing their content creation services.   Make sure to stop by my lab if you need tips with your pitches, support with putting together a template to market your content creation service  or rates:

Business: How to Market Your Content Creation Service

I will share more information as we get closer to the conference.


Here’s a Top Five List of reasons to Attend BlogHer 2016!

You’ll make CONNECTIONS: 
The world’s largest conference for women content creators means the most people + the most brands = the most opportunity. 
You’ll be INSPIRED:
Hear from stellar keynote speakers in an informal conversational format.
You’ll LEARN:
Learn what you need to “level up” your efforts.
You’ll be MOVED:
By the stories and voices of your online community.
You’ll have FUN:
Famous for its afterparties…plan to learn all day and connect with your fellow attendees in more informal ways all evening. 


Blogher 2016 Promotional Code
Will I see you there?   Make sure to use our discount code to get a 30% discount off your ticket.
Hope to see you there!

Eva Smith

Founder & CEO at The Blogger Society
Eva Smith is an award winning tech entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of The Blogger Society, a network for Influential Content Developers. She has been featured on USA Today, Huff Post, Rollingstones, Mashable, LatinaMom.me & more. She writes about the intersection of Technology, Food and Lifestyle at www.TechFoodLife.com.

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