Blogger Society Giveaway – 2017 Blogher Ticket Giveaway

I have a 2017 Blogher Ticket Giveaway!!   I have attended 3 Blogher conferences in San Diego, Silicon Valley & Los Angeles and each one has had a very special place in my heart.


Blogher 2016 – Los Angeles

Blogher is my favorite digital media conference for women because I am able to reconnect with my friends in the digital space, make new friends, learn from knowledgable  speakers, attend once in the lifetime keynotes and meet my favorite thought leaders, all under one amazing roof.  Thank you Blogher!


Blogher 2014

There was even a year where I have or may not have been a part of a Flashmob which aired on national television news before there were alternative facts.  However, you’ll need to search the internets to confirm whether there is a video of a flashmob or not.


Blogher 2011 – San Diego


Blogher 2011 – San Diego

This year I will be attending #BlogHer17   in Orlando, Florida as a part of the BlogHer Community Advisory Board.  As a Community Advisory Board member I have the privilege to offer an opportunity for a FREE guest ticket to Blogher!   All I can share is that attendees will be in for the best Blogher ever!

Blogher conferences are for vloggers, bloggers, digital content developers, social media super stars, brands, creatives and digital entrepreneurs.  This year will be extra special because Blogher is also adding a food-focused program track and Food Expo! It’s going to be really hard to choose sessions to attend this year.

I look forward to bringing one of our community members to Blogher 2017!  The selected winner will get a FREE Blogher Ticket (Valued at $399).




Thu, Jun 22, 2017, 8:00 AM –Sat, Jun 24, 2017, 10:00 PM EDT


Hilton Orlando, Bonnet Creek

14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane

Orlando, FL 32821


Follow instructions below to enter to win


a Rafflecopter giveaway



2017 Blogher Community Advisory Board

I am part of the 2017 Blogher conference Community Advisory Board!  As a member of the first ever Blogher Community Advisory Board I have been meeting with Blogher organizers to help make the conference the best conference ever!    I was asked to share three words which describe me in the digital space.



Visionary, Persistent and Fearless Leader


I started my visionary venture on digital media when I was in college.   I hopped on to the internet at an early age and searched the bulletin boards and before I knew it I was training collegues to use the internet.   One of my first full-time jobs was working at an innovative search engine web development company which converted data into indexable searchable pretty pages.  Eventually the technology would be used to make Yahoo and alternative search engine and more.  I spent much of time providing feedback to make the technology more user friendly.

My visionary skills transformed me into a career in the digital space as an early adopter and pioneer in digital media as an social media manager and digital influencer.    Over the past decade I have been able to reinvent myself in the digital space as a speaker, trainer, web developer, community manager, social media manager, digital marketing founding partner, startup consultant and entrepreneur.  My goal has always been to make use of the tools and digital space in the most innovative way possible.   Nevertheless, the possibilities in the digital space are endless.



I never give up.  I will keep trying and trying until I find an innovative solution or an allie.  I will get over it, under it or breakthrough it to obtain the goal.  Due to my persistent personality disorder I am full of encouragement for those in tribe and love spreading the knowledge where ever I go.

Fearless Leader

As a fearless leader in the digital space I have taken many calculated risks and have learned many lessons along the way.    One of the most important lessons has been the ability to ignore the critics, look fear in the face and still pursue a project or venture.

Looking forward to seeing you at Blogher!  Buy your Blogher 2017 tickets now. 

2016 Conferences – I’m Speaking At BlogHer 2016

BlogHer 2016 is coming to Los Angeles, CA on August 4-6, 2016 and I’m excited to be a part of it.   This will be my third BlogHer and my second time speaking at BlogHer.


I'm Speaking at #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles!


I’m looking forward to leading an open Business Development lab to help Influencers, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs with the marketing their content creation services.   Make sure to stop by my lab if you need tips with your pitches, support with putting together a template to market your content creation service  or rates:

Business: How to Market Your Content Creation Service

I will share more information as we get closer to the conference.


Here’s a Top Five List of reasons to Attend BlogHer 2016!

You’ll make CONNECTIONS: 
The world’s largest conference for women content creators means the most people + the most brands = the most opportunity. 
You’ll be INSPIRED:
Hear from stellar keynote speakers in an informal conversational format.
You’ll LEARN:
Learn what you need to “level up” your efforts.
You’ll be MOVED:
By the stories and voices of your online community.
You’ll have FUN:
Famous for its afterparties…plan to learn all day and connect with your fellow attendees in more informal ways all evening. 


Blogher 2016 Promotional Code
Will I see you there?   Make sure to use our discount code to get a 30% discount off your ticket.
Hope to see you there!

Account Switching Now Available on Instagram

Great news for Instagram users.  Starting this week Instagram users can easily switch between multiple accounts on Instagram.  You can add up to 5 accounts and quickly switch back and forth without having to log out and login again.


According to Instagram, you can:

You can add multiple Instagram accounts to switch between them without having to log out and log back in. To add multiple Instagram accounts:

Go to your profile and tap or in the top right
Scroll down and tap Add Account
Enter the username and password of the account you’d like to add
To switch between accounts you’ve added:

Go to your profile
Tap your username at the top of the screen
Tap the account you’d like to switch to

Happy Instagraming!

5 Tips For Using Periscope

Do you Periscope?  Today we’re sharing 5 tips for using Periscope.   Periscope app lets you share the things you love and stream video to the world LIVE via mobile phone.  In a world where there is a new app launching almost every day it can sometimes be hard to determine whether you should install the app or not.  However, we definitely recommend it.

The coolest feature about the LIVE streaming with Periscope is that it lets you broadcast the content via YOUR eyes, share it immediately and replay it immediately.  You can also use it share exclusive events with your friends, readers and new followers.  You can also use it to connect globally.   It is a great tool for influencers, PR professionals and entrepreneurs.

When the app initially launched you could share the exact location from the global map and pinpoint where live video was being streamed.  For security reasons, Periscope disabled the feature recently and doesn’t allow users to zero in on the exact location.

blogger society periscope

According to Periscope it is the closest thing since teleportation.  Why not launch YOUR blogs Live TV channel with Periscope?  We just did!

Here are 5 Tips For Using Periscope:

1. How Do I install it?

To install app download Periscope at the Apple Store for your iPhone or Google Play for Android Phones.  You need a mobile phone and the app which you can download and installed easily.  You connect to Periscope using your Twitter account.  I recommend you keep the same name as your Twitter account.  If you have multiple Twitter accounts consider connecting all the accounts at the same time.  You can log in to your various accounts by logging off and logging on using your preferred account.


2. How Do I Stream Live Broadcasts?  Can I Make It Private?


At the bottom of your screen you have several icons.  The Live broadcast icon looks like a small square and lets you broadcast stream live.  If you want to broadcast privately to specific people, press the lock icon before going live and choose who you want to invite to your broadcast.

3. How Do I Notify My Followers and Get New Followers?

Connecting With Other Users With Periscope

To get more followers attend broadcasts, share live broadcasts with your Twitter following and create content that is exclusive and visually appealing.  Visually appealing content get more hearts.   The more hearts you get, the higher they flutter on the screen and the higher you are listed on the “Most Loved” list.

When you go live the application will instantly notify your Periscope followers who can join your broadcast, comment and send you hearts in real time during your broadcast.   You can also choose to share your Periscope broadcasts on Twitter by tapping the bird icon before you start broadcasting. When you go live, you’ll tweet a link so that your Twitter followers can watch on the web.

Continue to grow your following by  attending Periscope broadcasts, giving hearts and sending a flutter of hearts when you really like the content.  After the broadcast followup with attendees you want to connect and grow your following.  Let the broadcaster know you like what you are seeing by tapping the screen and sending hearts.

To increase your following click on the people icon periodically and follow the users you want to connect with.  The list is populated based on the users you follow on Twitter.


4. How Do I Connect To Other Live Events?

Periscope Map

When you tap on the “Global” section you can view the broadcasts that are currently running.  The Global section is a little globe at the bottom of the screen.  You can also list the broadcasts as a map or a list for a description of the event and host.

5. Can I Save My Video To Make It Available To Other Viewers?

After the broadcast is over you can make your video available to viewers for up to 24 hours using the REPLAY feature or delete it any time you want.  Replays are instantly available.  Don’t forget to let your friends and family know so they can spread the word.


Question:  Are you on Periscope?  Let us know and we’ll follow you!

Blogger Society Giveaway – 2015 ConnectHER Conference

We’re excited to share that we partnered with ConnectHER Media to giveaway 4 VIP All Access Passes to the ConnectHER Conference.  The event is almost SOLD out.  However, 3 lucky Blogger Society Influencer Network members have a chance to obtain a pass for you and a friend to attend the unique five-star boutique event for influencers, PR agencies, brands and entrepreneurs.  

I will be speaking at the conference and leading the Developing Your Personal Presence In Social Media roundtable. The roundtable will give participants a roadmap to develop your personal and professional brand to grow your social media presence and business opportunities. 


ConnectHER Conference has always been one of my favorite conference because it includes multiple expert roundtables, sessions on working with agencies and brands,  tips for perfecting your pitch and strategic planning to grow your online business, networking, exhibits, swag and more.  It’s a very fancy affair.  We will select 3 winners.


ConnectHER Conference Details


Sunday, July 26, 2015


Paradise Point Resort and Spa

San Diego, CA

Conference Session Overview

Blogging & Social Media Roundtable
PR and Brand Relationship Roundtable
Boutiques to Big Box: Practical Tips For Selling Your Product Line To Retail
Expert Advice On How To Break Into Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
Exhibit Hall, Swag & more

GRAND Prize (valued at $500 per winner)

2 – VIP All Access Passes to ConnectHER15
Conference Materials

Prize  #2 (valued at $250 per winner)

1 – VIP All Access Pass to ConnectHER15
Conference Materials

Prize #3 (valued at $250 per winner)

1 – VIP All Access Pass to ConnectHER15
Conference Materials

Giveaway Rules

You need to have a blog and be a member of the Blogger Society Influencer Network to enter to win.  Giveaway is only available to members who currently do not have a ticket to ConnectHER Conference and live in the US.

Giveaway ends on June 22, 2015 at 3pmPST.  Winners will be selected June 22, 2015 at 6pmPST.

Follow instructions below to win:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Featured Influencer – Laura Medina-Filipowicz – Family Vacation Hub

Laura Medina-Filipowicz has leveraged her influence to launch Family Vacation Hub, a travel site and ConnectHER Conference, an invitation-only event for influencers, brands and entrepreneurs. She is a Latina influencer who has leveraged her entrepreneurial expertise, social media savvy and ability to build professional relationships to launch several successful businesses.


Laura has been featured on as one of the Many Faces of Latina Entrepreneurs, was named One of the Best Bloggers in Los Angeles by Red Tricycle in 2012 and voted Top 25 So Cal Moms to follow by Circle of Moms.  

Laura Medina-Filipowicz shares tips on how she leverages her experience as an influential brand ambassador and social media savvy to launch successful businesses:

What is the name of your blog?

I’m the founder of Family Vacation Hub where I share vacation ideas for Family Travel.  My experience with family travel inspired me to launch Family Vacation Hub, a resource for travelers with family friendly vacation destinations, unique places to eat, great places to stay, sights to see and things to do across the United States and abroad.  My mission is to help families plan the perfect vacation.

You have a business as well.  What type of business is it? How does your business set itself apart from other similar businesses?  

ConnectHER was formally BLP (Bag Lady Promotions) and we have been in business for the past 8-9 years. We were doing pop-up events for moms, brands and influencers before the words “mompreneur” or “pop-up event” even existed.   I started the business in an effort to connect local businesses, moms and influencers. 

How do you leverage blogging and social media for business?  How has blogging and social media strengthened your brand?

ConnectHER has a strong foundation and over the years has been able to maintain a solid database of influencers, brands and moms local to LA and more recently has established a national following. Our business, The ConnectHER Conference, is a merge of business professionals, brands, bloggers and women.

What is the #1 Social Media platform you use to promote your business?


What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

The ConnectHER Conference.  The ConnectHER Conference is an invitation-only conference event for Influencers, Brands, PR, Marketing and Entrepreneurs. This unique and exclusive event is designed to deliver rich content and facilitate direct interaction for those in attendance.  ConnectHER15 guests include writers, influencers, PR, marketing, entrepreneurs and brands looking to learn and engage in conversation. Our focus is on providing quality content and a unique environment where our guests are able to take the information from our event, straight to their projects. 

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Being a mom, entrepreneur, gymnastics mom, wife and teacher to homeschooler and chef.

What is your #1 blogging goal for 2015?  Are looking to make money blogging? More writing opportunities? More education?

All of the above! and a little secret – exclusive to Blogger Society – there are talks about hosting two events.   We are also getting ready to incorporate a collective of topics and guest writers on our site for ConnectHER that will provide information from top experts and writers.

What is your #1 business goal for 2015?  Are there any brands that you would like to work with in 2015?   

My number one goal is to have an amazing event in July in San Diego. We are very interested in working with brands that understand the tremendous amount of value that moms, bloggers and influencers carry and how important it is to have them as part of their marketing team.

We would welcome working with brands that understand that authenticity and collaboration go hand in hand. Some of the brands we’d really enjoy working with would have to be Dove, L’Oreal, Neutrogena, Kia, LEGO, Ford, Pine-Sol, Origami Owl, Mattel, You Tube, Blurb and so many more!

Who/What is your biggest influence for blogging?

My biggest influencers in the blogging industry are Romy Raves, Sarah Auerswald and Eva Smith.

Who/What has been your biggest influence for business?

The Shark Tank

There may be someone reading this post and considering leveraging their social media presence to launch a business or vice versa,  What business advice would you give them?

Do it! It’s always hard to take that first step, but it can be so worth it.

What is the best advice you have for influencers?

My best advice for all would be to stay authentic and true to whatever it is you decide to do. Stay true to you and always make your own judgments. Smile a lot.

You can connect with Laura on her blog at Family Vacation Hub or at ConnectHer conference.

Blogger Society Giveaway: 2015 We All Grow Summit

We’re excited to share that we have a  giveaway for VIP All Access Passes to the We All Grow Summit by Latina Bloggers Connect  

The winning member will receive an All Access VIP Pass and $150 to use towards travel expenses (Prize is valued at  $500).  The 3 day conference focuses on providing training and tools to help Latina Lifestyle bloggers grow their influence.




Thurs. February 26th
Sat. February 28

Lion Hotel
3515 Wilshire Bl
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Conference Overview

Hands-on workshops
Inspirational Keynote
Dance Parties
Learning fieldtrips
Sponsor dinners
Mentor workshops & more

Giveaway Rules

You need to have a blog and be a member of the Blogger Society Influencer Network to enter to win.  Giveaway is only available to members who currently do not have a ticket to We All Grow Summit and live in the US.

Giveaway ends on February 16, 2015 at 12pmPST.  Winner will be selected February 16, 2015 at 3pmPST.

Join the Blogger Society Influencer Network

Not a current member? Sign up for our influencer network and receive exclusive access to our online community, alerts about blogger opportunities, blogging advise, social media tips, giveaways, event discount codes, FREE event tickets & more.

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Giveaway Has Ended


Cristina Duffy – Una Colombiana en California

Blogger Society Giveaway: 2015 Lifestyle National Conference

We’re excited to share that we have a  giveaway for VIP All Access Passes to the Fifth Annual Latina Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference.

The two winning members will receive an All Access VIP Pass and $150 to use towards travel expenses.  The 2 1/2 day conference focuses on providing training and tools to help Lifestyle bloggers elevate their vision.



Thurs. February 19th 7pm


Sun. February 22 1pm

Magic Box – The Reef
1933 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Conference Overview

One Pre-Conference Training

Three Key-Note Speakers

Five Panels

Two Workshops

One Break-Out Session & More

Giveaway Has Ended


Belinda Espinoza – A Cup of Bely

Monica Young – My Life is  Journey

Evergreen Content Boosts SEO and Increases Traffic

The next time you are trying to decide what to write about consider an evergreen topic.  Evergreen content can drive traffic to your website and build loyal readership.  The posts last forever because they are geared toward specific niches, lists, how to guides , resources and information that is always being searched by readers.



What is Evergreen Content

Do you know what evergreen content is?    The name “evergreen” is derived because the content is always fresh and forever green.  When you write evergreen content you will find that you are still getting lots of web traffic regardless of whether you are keeping your website up to date with new articles.  There use to be a philosophy among bloggers to write daily or at least 3-5 blogs a week.  As the industry has progressed, the need to have quality content over quantity is vital to have longevity in content development.  If you write evergreen content correctly you can write less content, schedule it in a timely fashion and focus on pitching, writing sponsored posts and growing your business.

A good posts lasts a couple hours or a couple days, but evergreen posts last forever.


How To Write Evergreen Posts

To become a successful evergreen content developer you need to be the source of content that is interesting to the reader. Focus your niche on quality How To Guides, Resources, Travel Tips, To Do Lists.  Your content must also be up-to-date, detailed and include all the information your reader will need about a particular topic. Long articles also make excellent in-depth articles. As your readers continue to read your content you will become a trusted loyal voice in their sphere of influence and they will continue to come to your site for similar resources.  The majority of your evergreen posts will require no updates.  However, make sure to periodically review and update your posts as needed to ensure you have fresh content.

100+ Evergreen Topic Ideas

Here are over 100 Blog Topic ideas for you to write about. You may want to tailor the topics for your specific niche.  Also, make sure to create an editorial calendar to plan writing and publishing of the blog posts  on the home page and use social media channels to schedule and promote them in a timely manner. You may also want a list on the side column of your blog to feature your posts or a separate tab to make your viral content easy to find.


“How To Guides”and Tutorials for Beginners

  • How To Guide: How to Set New Years Goals
  • How To Guide: How To Take Quality Food Photos
  • How To Guide: Social Media 101
  • How To Guide:  Blogging 101
  • Tutorial: How To Create A Facebook Account
  • Tutorial: How To Create A Blog
  • Tutorial: How To Replace A Smoke Detector Battery

Resource Lists

  • Top 80s Music
  • Top 80s TV Shows
  • Top 90s Movies
  • Top 90s Music
  • Top 90s TV Shows
  • Top 90s Movies
  • etc…

Fitness Tips

  • Fitness: Effective Workout Routines
  • Fitness: Juicing Recipes


  • Travel:  How To Travel With Children
  • Travel: Top 100 Places to Visit in California
  • Travel: Top 100Hotels To Stay in Washington, D.C.
  • Travel: Top 100 Places To Visit in Orange County With Your Toddler
  • Travel: Top 100 Things To Do in Texas
  • Travel: Top 100 Places to Visit in Hawaii
  • Travel:  Top 100 Historical Places in San Diego
  • Travel:  Top 100 Historical Places in Los Angeles

Tech Tips

  • Tech Industry FAQs: How To Choose A Domain
  • Tech Industry FAQs: How To Pitch Your Business
  • Industry FAQs: How To Name Your Business
  • Industry FAQS: How To Successfully Launch a Business As A Freelancer
  • Breaking News: Top 10 Products Revealed at CES 2014
  • Tech Industry FAQs: Security 101
  • Breaking News: Complete Coverage Apple Products in 2015 Announcement or any other Tech Company

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How To Prepare Your Teen For College
  • How To Be A Mentor
  • How To Volunteer

Reviews and Testimonials

  • Visit Your local retailer, amusement park(s), movies and/or  give a new product a test drive and write an honest review.
  • Share the testimonials of your satisfied readers and clients on your blog.


  • Find someone  who is famous or an up and coming thought leader in your blog area of expertise who hasn’t been interviewed and interview him or her.   Two words — Viral post!

Yearly Holiday Posts

  • New Years Holiday Posts - DIY for Adults, Craft Ideas for Kids/Adults, Recipes, Home Decor and/or Timeless outfits
  • Valentines Day Holiday Posts - Holiday Posts - DIY for Adults, Craft Ideas for Kids/Adults, Recipes, Home Decor and/or Timeless outfits
  • Easter & Spring Holiday Posts - DIY for Adults, Craft Ideas for Kids/Adults, Recipes, Home Decor and/or Timeless outfits
  • Mother’s Day Holiday Posts - DIY for Adults, Craft Ideas for Kids/Adults, Recipes, Home Decor and/or Timeless outfits
  • Father’s Day Holiday Posts - DIY for Adults, Craft Ideas for Kids/Adults, Recipes, Home Decor and/or Timeless outfits
  • Fourth of July Posts Holiday Posts - DIY for Adults, Craft Ideas for Kids/Adults, Recipes, Home Decor and/or Timeless outfits
  • Summer Posts - DIY for Adults, Craft Ideas for Kids/Adults, Recipes, Home Decor and/or Timeless outfits
  • Back To School Holiday Posts - DIY for Adults, Craft Ideas for Kids/Adults, Recipes, Home Decor and/or Timeless outfits
  • Halloween Holiday Posts - DIY for Adults, Craft Ideas for Kids/Adults, Recipes, Home Decor and/or Timeless outfits
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Posts - DIY for Adults, Craft Ideas for Kids/Adults, Recipes, Home Decor and/or Timeless outfits
  • ChristmasHoliday Posts - DIY for Adults, Craft Ideas for Kids/Adults, Recipes, Home Decor and/or Timeless outfits


Question: What other Evergreen Topic Ideas would you include in the list?